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Mobile Phone / Cellular Devices: Only 1 (one) device per final recipient can be shipped through within a 6 month period, as per the Sri Lanka customs regulations. When purchasing mobile/cellular phones for shipping to Sri Lanka, as per TRC Sri Lanka regulations, you must register the device IMEI and forward the registration confirmation email to, the following email: Please mention in the subject of the email your Zipin2Ship shipping order Final Recipient and order code, we provided, that was used when you set the delivery to the USA warehouse.

Registration will require the following details; Make and Model, IMEI number, NIC/Passport/DL, Address, Email, Phone, Date of Purchase

To Register the Device at TRC (Telecommunication Regulatory Commission), Sri Lanka, click on the following link > Click to - Register Device IMEI with TRC Sri Lanka

Ref# Items Category Maximum Qty Additional Comments
1 Bathing suits, Denim, Hats & caps, Jackets, Robes & Pajamas, Sandals, Sarees/Dupattas, Shirt, Shoes, Shorts, Slippers, Socks, Suits, Ties, T-Shirt, T-Shirt Long, Under Garments Apparel 6  
2 Drugs, Prescription, Eau de toilette 500ml/16.9oz, Hair Clipper, Makeup set, Makeup Supplies, Non-Electric Shaving Set, Perfumes 8.45oz/250ml, Permissible Religious items, Protective Goggles, Wheelchair Beauty & Personal 1  
3 Body spray 8.45oz/250ml, Colognes  8.45oz/250ml, Cotton Swabs (50/Pack), false beards, Headgear,
Jewelry Boxes, Jewelry Imitation, Jewelry Precious / Semi Precious, Makeup Boxes, Nail Clipper,
Nail Files, Perfumes 8.45oz/250ml, Permissible Religious items,Belts, Protective Goggles, Shampoo,
Spectacles, Spectacles Frame, Sunglasses, Wigs, Wrist Watches
Beauty & Personal 2  
4 Thermal Bottles, Travelling Bags, Wallets Beauty & Personal 3  
5 Body Wash, Coins Precious / Semi Precious, Combs, Contact Lenses, eyebrows,
eyelashes, Handbags, Soap, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Umbrellas, 
Beauty & Personal 4  
6 Face creams, Face Wash, Face Wipes (10/Pack), Hair Brush, Lotions, Nutritional Supplements
Oral Care, Razors, Shaving cream, 
Beauty & Personal 5  
7 Key Tags, Non-prescription Drugs, Pantyliners (10/Pack), Sanitary Napkins (10/ Pack)
Tampons  (10/ Pack)
Beauty & Personal 6  
8 Cleansing Pad (10/Pack), Shaving Blades -Pkts, Beauty & Personal 10  
9 Lace Strips - meters, Saree Borders - meters Beauty & Personal 24  
10 Cosmetics-Haz, Japanese Shaving Brushes Beauty & Personal Not Allowed  
11 Baby Monitor Baby Products 1  
12 Baby Carriage, Breast Pumps, Car Seat, Crib, Diaper Bags Baby Products 2  
13 Baby Powder Baby Products 4  
14 Baby Formula, Baby Toys Baby Products 6  
15 Baby Wipes (10/pack) Baby Products 10  
16 Baby Bath Essentials, Baby Clothes Baby Products 12  
17 Binoculars, Brief Cases, Pen Holders, School Bags, Telescope, White Boards Educational 2  
18 Markers / Highlighters, Pencils, Pens Educational 12  
19 Bread Bin, Cutlery Cases, Cutlery set, Dinner set, Fabric Softener 22lb, Laundry Detergent 22lb,
 Tea Set, Tea Trolly, Vegetable Stand
Household 1  
20 Bathroom Mirror, Bed Toppers, Brooms, Carpets, Floor Mops, Luggage/suitcase, Mattress, Pet Supplies Search Lights, Sopot Lights, Toilet Brush, Tool Bags,  Household 2  
21 Frying Pans Household 3  
22 Bath Thermometer, Bathroom Cleaners, Bed Comforter set, Blankets
Brushes, Dishwasher Liquid, Dusters, Freezer Bags (Box), Gloves  (10/Pack)
Kitchen Cleaners, Photo Albums, Rugs, Sweepers, Swiffer Pads (10/pack)
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Household 4  
23 Bullets, Firearm Parts Arms And Ammunition; Parts And Accessories Thereof Not Allowed  
24 Candle Wicks, Insulation Coatings Base Metals And Articles Of Base Metal Not Allowed  
25 Acids Acids Not Allowed  
26 Bio Products & Hazardous Bio Products & Hazardous Not Allowed  
27 Machetes, Swords Bladed Weapons Not Allowed  
28 Bricks, Cement. Clay, Composite Materials, Concrete, Concrete Blocks
Drywall, Glass, Reinforced Concrete, Rock, Steel, Stone, Wood
Building Materials Not Allowed  
29 Chemicals, Haz or non-Haz Chemicals, Haz or non-Haz Not Allowed  
30 Two-way Radio Communication Equipment Not Allowed  
31 Computer Hardware Computer Hardware Not Allowed  
32 Cameras/Security Cam, Desktop, Electric Hair Dryer, Electric Hand Dryer, Electric Shaver, Video Games
Home Phone Cordless, Laptop (One every 6 months), Mobile Phone (every 6months), Pen/ Flash Drive
Printer/ Photocopy(Restrictions), Scanner (Restrictions), Tablet PC, TV (55" or less)
Consumer Electronics 1 See Important Instructions at the top of this table
33 Pen/ Flash Drive Consumer Electronics 4  
34 Corrosives Corrosives Not Allowed  
35 Binoculars, Pen Holders, Brief Cases, School Bags, Telescope, White Boards Educational 2  
36 Markers / Highlighters, Pencils, Pens Educational


37 Bed Rail, Blood Pressure Monitor, Cane Seat, Pill Organizer, Shower Chair, Toilet Safety Rails
Walking Sticks
Elder Care 2  
38 Slip-Resistant Shower Matts, Therapeutic Puzzles Elder Care 4  
39 Grab Bars suction Elder Care 6  
40 Movie Projector- Multimedia Projector, Music System (1 each unit)
Sound Bar
Entertainment 1  
41 Musical Instruments Entertainment 4  
42 Compact Discs, DVDs, Tapes, Video Cassettes Entertainment Not Allowed  
43 Guns, Pistols, Riffles Firearm and Firearm Products Not Allowed  
44 Fireworks Fireworks Not Allowed  
45 Flammables Flammables Not Allowed  
46 Bathroom set, Dinning Table, Drawing Room Suite(8piece), Dressing Table, Office Tables
Sofa Beds, Sofa Set - 4 piece
Furniture 1  
47 Bed, Mattress, Office Chairs, Table Lamps Furniture 2  
48 Chairs, Dinning Chairs, Home Decorations Furniture 6  
49 Gambling Machines, Lottery proposals, circulars, and tickets Gambling and Gambling Devices Not Allowed  
50 Gases Gases Not Allowed  
51 Sauces  Groceries 4  
52 Candy lbs, Canned Fruits 1lb, Canned Sauce 1lb, Canned Soups 1lb
Canned Tuna 1lb, Canned Veg 1lb, Cereal lbs., Cheese lbs., Chips lbs.
Coconut Milk Can 1lb, Coconut packets 1lb, Dried  Fruits Packets /Can 1lb
Dried Vegetable packet/Can 1lb, Dried Fruits Packets/Can 1lb
Dried Vegetable packet/Can 1lb, Nuts lbs, Pasta lbs, Rice lbs, Snack Bars lbs.
Groceries 10  
53 Coffee lbs, Juice lbs. Groceries 11  
54 Fresh Coconut, Fresh Fruits, Fresh vegetables, Frozen food, Mattur dhal (Kesari Dhal) Groceries Not Allowed  
55 Air Conditioner- window type, Blender/Grinder/ extractor, Can Opener, Deep Freezer
Dish Washer, Dryers (10 kg or less), Egg Beater, Electric Iron, Electric Toaster
Floor Polisher, Hot Plates, Hot Water Geyser, Instant Water Heater
Ironing Board, Kettles, Kitchen Sink, Ladder, Lawn Mover Non-Commercial
Microwave Oven, Oven, Pantry Cupboard Unit, Portable Generator, Pressure Cooker
Refrigerators-new/used 500ltr & CFC free, Rice Cooker, Sewing Machines
Solar Panel 8pc set - each 200w, Solar Water heater System- 150 liter
Stove/Cooker, Tiles 1500 SQFT, Tools Set, Vacuum Cleaners, Waffle Iron, Washing Machine (10 kg or less), Water Cooler, Water Dispenser/ Purifier, Water Filter, Water Pump 1" diameter
Home Appliances and Fixtures 1  
56 Chandeliers, Electric Bell, Electric Fan, Portable Battery Operated Lamps, Room Heaters
Wall Clocks, Weighing Scale
Home Appliances and Fixtures 2  
57 Electric Lamp/ Wall Home Appliances and Fixtures 6  
58 Animal Waxes, Live Animal Fats & Oils, Live Animals, Raw Fur skin Live Animals & Pets Not Allowed  
59 Electrical Equipment, Sound Recorders And Reproducers, Television Parts, And Accessories Machinery And Mechanical Appliances Not Allowed  
60 Medical Devices Medical Devices Not Allowed  
61 Amphibious Combat Vehicles, Grenade Launcher, Military Vehicles, Radar Equipment Military Equipment Not Allowed  
62 Mineral Products Mineral Products Not Allowed  
63 Prefabricated buildings Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles Not Allowed  
64 Obscene Literature Obscene Literature Not Allowed  
65 Oxidizers Oxidizers Not Allowed  
66 Paints, Hazardous Paints, Hazardous Not Allowed  
67 Pet Cages, Pet Collars, Pet Leashes Pet supplies 2  
68 Pet food, Pet Litter, Pet Toys Pet supplies 4  
69 Tires Plastics and rubber articles  Not Allowed  
70 Gems-cut or uncut, Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver Precious stones and metals Not Allowed  
71 Products of the chemical or allied industries Products of the chemical or allied industries Not Allowed  
72 Radar Equipment Radar Equipment Not Allowed  
73 Doctor Ball, Training Bench, Treadmill Sport & Fitness 1  
74 Barbells, Bicycles not motorized (see comments), Board Game Accessories / Equipment, Fitness Ball
Kettlebell, Outdoor Sports Accessories/ Equipment, Pull-up frame bar, Sports Bags
Swimming Goggles
Sport & Fitness 2

Bicycles including Electric Bicycles;  Temporarily - NOT ALLOWED

(please check back again in 3 weeks from 13/07/22)

75 Fishing Rods, Protein powder (1 lb.), Protein shakes (1 lb.) Sport & Fitness 3  
76 Dumbbell Sport & Fitness 4  
77 Accessories, Fishing Accessories, Vitamins, Workout Gear Sport & Fitness 6  
78 Self-inflation Life rafts Sport & Fitness Not Allowed  
79 Bearer Documents, Books- Hardback/Paperback non-commercial Stationary and Books Not Allowed  
80 Bidis, Chewing Tobacco, Cigarettes, Cigars, Electronic Cigarette Products
Electronic Cigarettes, Hookah, Hookah Products, Kreteks, Rolling Papers, Rolling Tobacco
Snuff Tobacco.

Tobacco Products Not Allowed  
81 Electric Organ/piano, Electrical Scooter, Motor Cycle/Scooter/Auto cycle, Video Game Consoles Toys & Games 1  
82 Bath toys, Cars, and radio controlled Cars, Construction toys, Scooter, Tricycle Toys & Games 2  
83 Educational Toys, Dolls Toys & Games 4  
84 Aircraft and Parts, Vehicles and Parts, Vessels and Parts Vehicles, Aircraft, Vessels, And Associated Transport Equipment Not Allowed Also, See item 87
85 Beer, Brandy, Champaign, Cider, Gin, Mead, Rum, Tequila, Vermouth, Vodka, Whiskey, Wine Wine & Liquor Not Allowed  
86 Antiques of an age exceeding one hundred years, Collections, and collectors' pieces of  botanical  interest
Collections and collectors' pieces of anatomical interest, Collections and collectors' pieces of archaeological interest
Collections and collectors' pieces of ethnographic interest, Collections and collectors' pieces of historical interest
Collections and collectors' pieces of mineralogical interest, Collections and collectors' pieces of numismatic interest
Collections and collectors' pieces of paleontological interest, Collections and collectors' pieces of zoological interest
Original sculptures and statuary, in any material, Postage or revenue stamps, stamp postmarks, first-day covers, postal stationery (stamped paper)
Works Of Art, Collectors' Pieces, And Antiques Not Allowed  
87 Automobile Parts, Auto Batteries Automobile Parts and Accessories Not Allowed Also, See item 84
88 Batteries for Any Purpose Battery Not Allowed  


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