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Zipin2Ship is like having a friend in USA, ready to take care of receiving goods, consolidating, packing and boxing them to be shipped and going all the way to the residence of your loved ones, to deliver the items, completely hassle free. Just like a friend would.
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Whether you live in Australia, Europe, U.K, Middle East or in U.S states like Texas, Colorado, California, Atlanta or cities like Dallas or Houston.

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Our Story

Back then, when our families and friends in Sri Lanka needed specific goods like vitamins, pampers and adult diapers, wheelchairs and medical aids, packs of pumpkin seeds, almonds, camping gear, monthly supplies of lotion, makeup, shoes, clothes, kids toy sets etc. they would call us to purchase the items and ship them to Sri Lanka or when we have family and friends visiting the U.S, we would help purchase, pack and box goods to get them shipped to Sri Lanka. When the goods arrive in Sri Lanka, our friends have to go through the hassle of visiting the local customs warehouse, go through the painful customs clearing process, get the boxes loaded, tip the helpers, and transport the goods to their respective residences. Read More...


Wenura Dissanayake

Founder & CEO, Zipin2Ship Inc

"Integrity, Innovation and Humanization is the key to the success, and it has to start from within us"

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