Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I reduce my overall cost and increase my savings with Zipin2ship?

    With Zipin2Ship you have many saving opportunities like; (a). We optimize the shipping space and remove unnecessary space. (b). When you refer your friends and family, you receive referral bonuses every time your friends and family ship with us. (c). You get eligible for discounts and promotions.

  • How to create a Zipin2Ship Shipment Order?

    Watch the How to Create a Zipin2ship Shipment order video, by copying the following link onto your web browser or in the YouTube app > https://youtu.be/PO3IozSq9m8 . Or you can search for "How to Create a Zipin2Ship Shipment" on YouTube.

  • Does Zipin2Ship charge final destination country import tax, custom fees or other charges?

    Yes. Your shipping charges already include import tax, customs fees and other country specific import charges. However, there could be additional charges incurred if the items shipped fall under luxury items when arrived at the destination country's customs. For list of prohibited, restricted and luxury items click on "Item Limitations" link available at the bottom of the page.

  • How does Zipin2Ship calculate "Final" ocean shipping charges?

    When the goods you ordered arrives at our U.S warehouse, Zipin2ship will optimally re-pack the items eliminating unnecessary space and the final packed dimensions (Height, Length, Width) are measured in cubic inches/feet. You will receive an invoice for the final shipping charges.

  • When will I be charged for Shipping?

    You can shop from any shopping site of your choice and set the items to be delivered to our U.S Warehouse. Once all your items arrive at our U.S Warehouse, you will "Confirm Shipment" within the Zipin2Ship order. Once you "Confirm Shipment" we will prepare the goods to be shipped and send you an invoice with the final shipping charges. Please check for all "Accepted Payment Methods" link available at the bottom of the page.

  • Can I shop from more than one shopping site?

    Yes. You can shop from any number of shopping sites and set the delivery to our U.S Warehouse.

  • What is a "Shipment Date" ?

    "Shipment Date" is the final date that all goods will be loaded into the shipping container and submitted to the ocean cargo carrier for shipping to the final destination port.

  • What are the shipping methods/modes that Zipin2Ship uses?

    Zipin2Ship has two modes of shipping "Ocean" and "Air". Note: if a shipping method/mode is not available as an option when you create your order, then the default method will be "Ocean" shipping. We will be introducing "Air" shipping services to our valued customer's, soon.

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