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Back then, when our families and friends in Sri Lanka needed specific goods like vitamins, pampers and adult diapers, wheelchairs, medical aids, packs of pumpkin seeds, almonds, camping gear, monthly supplies of lotion, makeup, shoes, clothes, kids toy sets, etc. they would call us to purchase the items and ship them to Sri Lanka or when we have family and friends visiting the U.S, we would help purchase, pack and box goods to get them shipped to Sri Lanka. When the goods arrive in Sri Lanka, our friends have to go through the hassle of visiting the local customs warehouse, going through the painful customs clearing process, getting the boxes loaded, tipping the helpers, and transporting the goods to their respective residences. 


It is in 2018 when my former schoolmate had to ship monthly supplies of adult diapers to his sick father each month, and his 76-year-old mom had to go through the customs process to collect the goods, that is what made me and my partners began to think of how we can improve this process of shipping goods from the USA to their loved ones in Sri Lanka hassle free at a minimal cost, and that is when the idea of Zipin2Ship.com was born. 


Now Zipin2Ship.com is able to provide a seamless robust eCommerce experience to facilitate a global package delivery and logistical service to anyone residing in any part of the globe to purchase goods from the USA and ship it to their loved ones in Sri Lanka at a minimal cost. 


We, are an ethical corporate citizen, dedicated to uplifting the lives of Sri Lankans both by facilitating and enabling the consumption of quality goods and supplies by all as well as in providing jobs to the local community with high wages and benefits taking serious consideration to not just grow as a company but grow as a community.


Whenever you want to purchase goods from any online shopping site and set the delivery to reach our U.S warehouse, and when your goods arrive, even on separate dates, or in separate packages, we will consolidate all your goods, ensure your goods are packed optimally without wasting unnecessary space, protect your goods and deliver at the doorstep of the recipient, completely hassle-free. You don’t have to worry or pay for the weight for ocean shipping, so buy anything no matter how heavy it is. Whether you want one single T-Shirt or a pair of shoes or you want regular supplies of vitamins, make-up, or diapers shipped each month, Zipin2Ship.com can help you plan and schedule your needs. All you simply need to do is shop at your favorite online stores and set the delivery to our U.S. warehouse. 


We are headquartered in the USA, with our Sri Lankan partners for Clearing, Warehousing, and Logistical support. We are fully committed and dedicated to you as our valued customers, ensuring your convenience and reliability, economical with low and flexible pricing, protecting your goods against disasters, delays*1 and stolen circumstances, with an online experience optimized with the latest digital trends and technology for your seamless virtual shipping experience. 


Here at Zipin2Ship.com, we believe in simplicity and complete trust as simple as; You Buy We Ship.

*1 delay: Delays due to circumstances outside of our standard  process will be monitored and mitigated but cannot be guaranteed

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